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There are many instances when you may need to seek out the services of an orthodontist. From having an overbite to problems with to alignment of your teeth, these professionals have the training the technology, and the experience to come up with appropriate procedures that will help get you the ideal teeth and the ideal smile that you have always aimed for. Before you do decide to see out the service of one, you would do well to find out first about the different types of orthodontic services that they can offer.

Places like Richmond Orthodontics (formerly Villa Orthodontics) will provide various types of services that are aimed at helping address many dental issues that patients may be experiencing. They offer the installation of appliances that are intended for retraining the muscles on the face, restraining the growth in the jaws, as well as instruments that are used to move the teeth to correct its alignment. How to severe is the problems about your oral state can determine the kind of treatment, service or appliance that will be recommended to you by your orthodontist.

Braces- These are the most common appliances that people often request from their orthodontists. These usually consist of wires and bands or even brackets they are installed around a tooth or teeth and will help serve as anchors. In some cases, they are bonded onto the teeth to help get the teeth to be aligned or to address these issues where there is a gap between them. They are often adjusted every two months or depending on what the dentist recommends to help get the desired results.

Fixed space maintainer- These are used to help those instances where a baby tooth may have been lost prematurely. This is attached to the area where the tooth was lost to help keep it open until a new tooth, a permanent one erupts.

Special fixed appliances- These are used to help control these situations where a patient may be sucking his thumb or is thrusting his thumb. They can be quite uncomfortable to use especially during meals, though. This is why in most cases, they are only considered as the last resort.

Aligners- Patients can choose to get aligners too. They are considered as the alternative or the traditional brace that adult has to wear. They are used the same as braces do but only without any bracket or any metal wire. They are virtually invisible which makes them ideal to wear and they can be removed when one is eating, flossing, or brushing.

Splints- These are worn on either the lower jaw or the top jaw and are helpful in training the jaw to close in a position that is more favorable.

If you think that you need the intervention of an orthodontist to fix whatever dental concern you have especially aesthetic-wise make sure that you will choose the right provider. You need to find the right professional with the experience, reputation, and the credentials to prove to you that he will know what to do. Take your time to research for the best to get the most of the services that he is offering too.