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As a business grows from start-up to powerhouse, it often starts to seem like copies make the world go around. Whether you work with copies to improve your backup system, strengthen your records, or streamline customer service, it’s likely that the company Maidstone photocopiers for sale are becoming crucial parts of your daily workflow. However, when it comes to copiers, there are a lot of options out there. Lease or buy? Use your own copier, or go with a copy shop? While each decision has its advantages, many companies decide to have their own on-site copy machines for a few main reasons.

On-Site Copy Machines

Because most companies work with paper like bloggers work with keyboards, it’s important to have a strong print-and-copy environment in your business. Copy machines are a big part of this. Having an on-site copy machine means convenience, opportunity, and maximized workflow–and if you decide that your business needs its own copier, you’ll likely come to find that your print environment is more productive than ever.

What to Consider

Although every business has different needs, it’s likely that having an on-site copier will satisfy at least a few of your company’s daily requirements.

  • Personalized schedule. With an on-site copy machine, you aren’t at the mercy of copy shop hours or inconvenient closings. You set the schedule–and if that means making copies at three in the morning, an in-house copier is up for the task.
  • Environmental awareness. It is the responsibility of every company, no matter how big, to keep an eye on daily environmental impact. On-site copy machines make this easier than ever. With the convenience of having your copy machine close at hand, you can control usage, unnecessary printing, environmentally-friendly consumables, and energy consumption.
  • Leasing. Choosing an on-site copy machine gives you a variety of options. You can buy or lease a copier, depending on what your company needs. And, with the vast variety of leasing opportunities and plans, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your business.
  • Security. Protecting your sensitive data is crucial. With an on-site copy machine, you can ensure that everything you copy will be safe and secure so that your most important info stays in the right hands.

Many business startups use the local photocopiers for sale in London to make their copies. While this can be a good way to get started, it is not a good way to grow. The time it takes to get copies made, plus the cost of the copies themselves, makes going to the copy shop increasingly expensive. Many advantages exist to having a copier on the premises of your business. The copy center probably leases its copiers from the people you could lease from. In other words, the copy center is marking up its copies to pay for its copy machines. You can cut costs per copy by leasing your own machine.