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If you think that buying any kind of wood in bulk or not for your home renovation needs or whatever purposes you have when buying is okay, well think again. When buying woods, lumbers, or any kinds of woods, you need to consider the wood moisture content of the wood that you are going to buy. If this is your first time hearing about wood moisture content, then this article will be of great help to you to give you some information about the importance of measuring the wood moisture content.


Moisture Causes the Wood to Shrink or Expand

The very main reason on why you should be able to measure the moisture content o the wood is for you to determine the wood’s rate of expanding or shrinking during different seasons of the year. Knowing the moisture content of the wood will help you choose the right wood for you to use in your house needs and renovations so you would not have to worry in the future about shrinking or expanding woods inside your house.

With the moisture content of the wood, you can know what kinds of approaches you are going to do to put a remedy on the shrinking and expanding of wood. However, when choosing the kind of wood you are going to buy, good wood moisture should be able to save you from worrying further about the shrinking and expanding of wood. The more moisture contents of the wood, the greater the chance for it to shrink during the dry cold humid in winter. Fortunately, there is already a device that would be able to measure the wood moisture content which is the moisture meter wood; this device will make it easier for you to determine the moisture content of any wood. However, there are a lot of kinds of wood moisture meter to use in different kinds of woods.


The shrinking of woods usually happens during the cold winter season. In most cases, wood tends to shrink in width, but not in length. When you try to observe any piece of wood during a dry season like summer and compare it later on during the cold season, you will be able to observe that the wood has already shrunk in its width. However, there are some cases that some furniture will shrink or expand in length.

Knowing the moisture content of the wood will help you choose on what and which kinds of woods you need to have in your home especially when most of the furniture are made up of wood. The more dry and less moisture the wood has, the less likely it is to expand during dry seasons or shrink during the cold seasons. You must be able to take into the consideration of the wood moisture content because this will determine the wood movement in the future depending on the temperature of the environment or setting. However, there are some approaches which you can use in order to prevent and address this wood shrinking and expanding.