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Music is part of everyday life. You can listen to music on the radio, on your mobile device or dedicated music devices. To truly enjoy your kind of music, you need to match your music with your headphones. At 1more branded earphones online you can have a wide selection of headphones and earphones to match your music. Most headphones cater to a wide frequency spectrum. However, if you are discrimination about music quality, you need more than just a general type of headphone. You will have to select something that truly matches your type of music.

Not all Music Is Recorded the Same

When it comes to music, you must bear in mind that not all types of music are recorded the same. While most playback is in mp3 format or AAC, the recording was done using a different method. With music software on the rise, it is now possible to record from a home studio. Such was not the case decades ago. You will need to invest in music recording equipment. Since not all music is recorded the same way, it needs a matching reproduction. This is where your music player and your headphone will come into play. You may need to look at technical descriptions to match your headphone.

Your Type of Music is Different

Most individuals can listen to the same music type. This happens when you tune into the radio. However, when you are alone, you want to listen to your type of music. Your preference may not be the same as your friend or even your spouse. Because of this, you will need a headphone that is more suitable for your music. Classical music, for instance, needs more mid and high frequency than lower frequency. Modern music like RnB and hip-hop need lower frequency due to the bass rhythm. Jazz Standard and Latin music need a balance of mid and low to let the music transition have clarity.


Headphones are Designed Differently

Headphones are little speakers, and they respond to different frequencies. When the recorded music is played, it travels from the music player to your headphones. Your headphone then plays back the music but using its frequency response. All the vocals and instruments will be heard in your headphones. But since headphones are designed differently, there will be compromises in the music playback. This is the reason why the same music sounds different when you use another set of headphones. The frequency responses are not different. You need matching headphones to enjoy what you are listening to.

You need to Match your Headphone

This is the tricky part. Matching your headphone can be done two ways. You can be technical, or you can be practical. Technical means that you read all those frequency and band responses and then choose what will match. Being practical means that you use the headphone and swap another then you make your choice. When choosing online, the technical part may be your only choice. If you make a mistake in your choice, you can always make a swap.